Liz recently edited audio books in the post apocalyptic and zombie genres. Available on Amazon and Audible and produced at Analog Friends.

Liz attended the Premiere of “Surviving Me: The Nine Circles Of Sophie at the Hollywood Film Festival.

Production has wrapped on “Surviving Me: The Nine Circles Of Sophie.”

Liz’s New Song “Come Back To Me” is HERE!

“Liz’s New Song “Come Back To Me” is on SoundCloud!
“Liz’s New Song “Come Back To Me” is on YouTube!
“Liz Lysinger is now on Facebook!!”

“Liz is hard at work in the Studio for her next album!”

“Liz is working with House DJ Oscar P of Azucar Entertainment and Open Bar Music.

“Production is nearly completed on “Surviving Me.”

“Production has wrapped on “Operation Sussex!”

“Liz is currently editing the music for “Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s” on the CW and Cartoon Network.

“Liz is currently in production working on the documentary “Operation Sussex,” directed by Bonnie Friedman”

“ON SALE NOW! “UniverSoul Circus” DVD only $19.99 plus shipping!’

“Liz wrote the score for Dave McWane’s short movie “We Gatta Eat” The production has been completed and can be purchased here.

“Liz did some loop work for Big D and the Kids Table’s new album “Fluent In Stroll” in stores now!

“Liz was awarded the 2007 B-Movie Film Festival Award for Best music for the horror film ‘Thicker Than Water” The Vampire Diaries Part 1!”
“Liz remixed the track “Shell” for Industrial artist Endless Sunder.”

“Liz did a couple remixes for Big D and The Kids Table’s Rude Remix Revolution album which can be purchased here.

“Music work was completed on “Expedition: Blue Planet – Blue Legacy” – 2009 – directed by Alexandra Cousteau. Please visit and check it out!”

“Music production was completed on Katja Esson’s breast feeding documentary “Latching On.”

“Music Production was completed on Dave McWane’s dark animated thriller “Gravedigger.”

“Liz was the music editor and mix engineer for the UniverSoul Circus’ latest DVD and began collaborating with LA-based Big Time Picture Company.

“Liz licensed music to the following TV shows: The Best Years, High School Confidential, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Sigerto y Nigernto, Pecados Ajenos, El Rostro De Anal, Nitido, Dame Chocolate and Uma Aventura.”

*Liz’s music appears in the movie trailer for “Awake” starring Jessica Alba and Hayden Christensen.

“Liz’s music appears on the award winning documentary film “Billy The Kid” directed by Jennifer Venditti and Produced by Chiemi Karasawa.

“A Season of Madness” played at the Austin Film Festival, 2006.

“Liz’s music for ‘A Season Of Madness’ appeared on the Woodstock Film Festival 2006 CD.”

“A Season of Madness” played at the Woodstock Film Festival, 2006.

“Hole in the Sky – The Scars of 9/11” made it’s NYC premiere in mid-August, 2006.

“Hole in the Sky – The Scars of 9/11” premieres at the La Rochelle Film Festival in France, end of June, 2006.

*Liz completed composing the soundtrack for the documentary, “Hole in the Sky – The Scars of 9/11” directed by Oscar-Nominated director, Katja Esson.

“A Season of Madness” made it’s NYC premiered in May 2006.

*Liz resumes work on Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Season 2 and starts work on a soap opera.

*Liz’s music appears in the movie trailer for “The Libertine” starring Johnny Depp.

*Liz completes work on independent film “A Season of Madness” directed by Oscar Nominated director Katja Esson.

*Liz completes work on independent film “Thicker Than Water” directed by Phil Messerer.

*Liz completes work on independent film “All The Wrong Faces,” directed by Michael Gongora

*Liz signs on to work on Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, Season 1.

*Liz signed with Universal Music Publishing Group in late Spring, 2005

*Liz signed on to be one of the music editors for “F-Zero” airing Saturday mornings on FoxKids network.”

*Liz’s single, “Lullabye” was played on the ‘Nette Radio show (9/22/04) 8-10 CST.

*Liz’s music is on the movie trailer for “The Forgotten” starring Julianne Moore and Gary Sinise! View the Trailers here! The Forgotten

*See Liz’s work and music on Season 4 of Yu-Gi-Oh! on WB and Cartoon Network (check local listings for times) 6 days a week!

*If you haven’t already checked it out, take a listen to the Blue Man Group DVD “Complex Rock Tour – Live!” as Liz was the Assistant Mix Engineer for the DVD and aided in some of the sound design.

*New Music to be posted soon. Liz has been working hard since May to compose a variety of things to listen to and has a new instrumental EP to offer. Keep checking back for Details.

*See Liz as the featured artist at RADIO IV, an internet radio station in Houston, TX!

*New Pics from July 24 show!

Please visit the ZIA site ( for other show pictures. There are also a bunch that have not made it to either site, so stay tuned!