Village Voice July 9, 2002, page 82

Liz is the blue-haired member of local astronomy-goths ZIA; her solo sets are sadder and more piano-rather-than-intergalactic-device oriented. Her new single, a lullaby called “Lullaby,” vanquishes bedtime monster-fear with a calmingness reminiscent of “Tonight” on the first Lene Lovich album. With the Others and Karma Sutra.Knitting Factory Knitactive Stage, July 5, 2002 at 9. (Eddy)

Village Voice November 6, 2001, page 87

Liz Lysinger + Freak Parade

Blue Liz, as she’s known to pals, is innately more interesting than most ethereal lady chirper-cleffers who play piano-and not only because during her day job she edits music for Pokemon cartoons, or because she also bangs weird interplanetary soundmaking gadgets in ZIA, chosen band of astronomers everywhere. Her solo lyrics opt for dirty laundry and the bride of Frankenstein over asteroids and supernovas, but her hiccups still steer Kate Bush toward Lene Lovich rather than toward Tori Amos. Freak Parade, for some bizarre reason, containing moonlighting members of Todd Rungren’s Utopia. With Brooke Fox.Triad, at 8. (by Chuck Eddy, music editor)